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The directors of Origin use their own unique knowledge and understanding of living with a spinal cord injury and working as a PA to shape the bespoke live-in care services we offer. Each service being customised to suit individual needs. Everyone’s lifestyle is individual, whether you work, stay at home, have a busy family life or social life or have specific daily routines that must be followed. By working closely with you, together we can develop the best care plan to suit you – one that gives you life style choices for truly independent living.

With the benefit of many years of experience our care managers will work with you to develop a care plan that supports your wishes to involve your family, partners and friends in your day to day care support. Our flexible and client centred approach to providing live-in care services enable us to work with your own support network.

At Origin we are aware that interaction between client and PA and the development of a good relationship is very important, particularly when placing PAs in client’s homes. Trust, friendship, respect, understanding, compatibility and fun sit alongside professionalism, efficiency and practical skills. Our experienced in house team strive to ensure clients and PAs are kept fully informed at all times, with assignments arranged to give as much compatibility and continuity as possible and ensuring best practice and smooth running of all services.

Origin PAs and client’s rate Origin training as excellent:

‘The training was the best I’ve ever had. It covered everything that’s important to the people we work with.’

‘Staff are trained to a high standard.’

‘The training must be excellent because the care is good.’

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