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Working with people with spinal cord injuries is highly satisfying and can be great fun. The role is challenging and rewarding in equal measures but requires no previous experience, just a positive, upbeat attitude and ability to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own, whilst working. If you are unsure if you have the right skills and attitude to become an Origin carer take a look at some of these frequently asked questions and responses, which might help.


I have no medical experience/training. Does that mean I’m unsuitable?


No. You will attend Origin’s unique training course that will equip you with more than enough information to be able to care for a client capably. As clients are all individuals each client will have some specific requirements but these will be adequately covered. Any nursing requirements that a client has will be taken care of by a medical professional.

The most important attribute to have is ‘the right attitude’ – with this, two good references and our training, you’re ready to start work.


What hours will I work?


All placements are live-in and usually 7-14 days long. Hours will vary according to the clients needs. In general, you will work an average of 8 – 10 hours a day and we recommend that you will be given some free time each day and 8 hours uninterrupted sleep each night. You will not normally have any days off during a placement as time off is arranged between placements. Many of our live-in carers take advantage of their time off for travelling around the UK or even visit family back home in Europe.


As all placements are live-in, will I have my own room/bathroom/facilities?


All placements are different but you will always be provided with your own private bedroom, you may share bathroom facilities when you are living in a family home. As Origin clients live across the UK in towns, cities and country villages, accommodation will vary and may at times be city centre apartment or even a cottage in the countryside – which is a fantastic way to experience life in Britain.


As I will be working on my own, what happens if a problem occurs.


The role of a PA is a complex one – part working guest, part family member and part friend – and understandably it can take a little time for clients and carers to adjust to one another.

Our highly specialised training will give you the confidence to handle situations as they happen and Origin’s care management team are there to support you should difficulties arise however, in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, there is an out-of-hours contact number should you need to contact us in an emergency.

Please complete the application form, which you can do here on the website… sometimes doing that can clear your thoughts a little…and then give us a call to talk things through. We will do our very best to answer any further questions you may still have.

Origin PAs and client’s rate Origin training as excellent:

‘The training was the best I’ve ever had. It covered everything that’s important to the people we work with.’

‘Staff are trained to a high standard.’

‘The training must be excellent because the care is good.’

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