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    Which sort of live-in option do you require? *Respite Carer(s) (normally for short-term cover and holiday but can be an ongoing series)Private permanent carer(s) (introduction of carers to be employed by you)Fully Managed Care (long-term cover involving all carers, permanent & respite, employed by us to work on your behalf)

    If you know the dates you need a carer please enter them below. If you do not have specific dates, please leave blank.

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    Do you need your assistant to drive?EssentialPreferableNo

    For which of these tasks do you need assistance?Getting upGoing to bedWashingDressingFeedingShavingCookingCleaningShopping

    Bladder ManagementCondom with leg bagIn-dwelling catheterSupra-pubic catheterNeed for expressionOther

    Is bowel/bladder management carried out by:Your CarerA District nurseOther

    Bowel ManagementSuppositoriesDigital stimulation/check that bowel is emptyEnemaOther

    Routine of bowel evacuation

    e.g. daily/two daily

    Carried out by: CarerDistrict NurseOther

    Do you use BedShower chair/toilet

    Personal Hygiene

    Which method of washing do you use? ShoweringBedbathBathing

    How often

    Do you require turning at night? YesNo


    Do you use: HoistStanding transferSliding boardOther

    Do you suffer from / are you prone to: PainAutonomic dysreflexiaSpasmSevere coldLow blood pressureSkin problems

    Do you use a ventilator YesNo

    Do you want your carer to be

    Please pick * Male (Prefer)Male (Essential)Female (Prefer)Female (Essential)Don't mind

    Medical conditions

    Other than the spinal injury itself, do you have/have you ever had any other illnesses or medical conditions? YesNo

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    Anything which may affect your choice of carer (e.g. if you have pets) or any forthcoming holidays.

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    Origin PAs and client’s rate Origin training as excellent:

    ‘The training was the best I’ve ever had. It covered everything that’s important to the people we work with.’

    ‘Staff are trained to a high standard.’

    ‘The training must be excellent because the care is good.’

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