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Terms & Conditions

You must read and agree to our terms and conditions before you can book.

Please remember a reservation is a legal contract, it is therefore important that all information given is considered and accurate.

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The present holiday rental contract has been drawn up between:

ORIGIN RECRUITMENT LTD, British Private Limited Company: 7.0.6. Cameron House, White Cross, Lancaster LA1 4XQ, United Kingdom,

Represented by Mr. Peter Henry, Director,

referred to hereafter as the landlord


You/the Client,

Referred to hereafter as the tenant

1. Subject of the contract:

This contract lays out the terms and conditions of the holiday rental of the property described below between the landlord and the tenant.

2. Description of the property:

The rented property is situated in the centre of the village of Collioure at the following address:

2 bis Rue André Derain
Collioure 66190

The property is rented furnished and includes:

Apartment 1 – Ground floor: open plan sitting room (sofa bed)/dining room/kitchen; 2 twin bedrooms with en suite shower rooms/toilet. Sleeps 6. Adapted for wheelchair users.

Apartment 2 – First floor: open plan sitting room (sofa bed)/dining room/kitchen ; 1 double bedroom; 1 twin bedroom with en suite basin and toilet; 1 double bedroom; 1 family bathroom with shower; terrace. Sleeps 6.

Outside: enclosed paved garden, parking for one car per apartment.

A detailed description of the property appears on the website

The property provides accommodation for a maximum of 6 people in each apartment and the tenant agrees not to have more people staying.

Children under the age of 18 are only accepted under certain conditions and after prior agreement with the landlord.

Pets are not allowed except for guide dogs and disability assistance dogs.

3. Duration:

The rental is agreed for the period indicated on the website booking form. Arrival takes place after 4pm and departure must take place before 10am.

Please advise of any delays/late arrivals so the key holder can be informed.

4. Rent and terms of payment:

The rent is agreed as per indicated on the website booking form.

An initial payment of 50% of the total rent is due at the time of booking and the balance no later than 8 weeks before the expected date of arrival.

All payments will be made via Paypal.

The rent includes utilities (water, electricity, heating).

The rent does not include specialised equipment not already on site, e.g. hoist. The specialised equipment found in Apartment 1 include:

  • 2 silicon gel pressure relieving mattresses
  • 2 height adjustable beds
  • 1 shower/commode chair

The rent will not be decreased under any circumstances, even if the tenant has to shorten his stay.

The tenant is not permitted to lend or sublet part or all of the property, even temporarily, to a third party.

5. Holiday tax:

A holiday tax of 0.40 Euros per person per day is due. This is included in the rent.

6. Security deposit:

A security deposit of 500 Euros is payable [up to] a minimum of 8 weeks prior to arrival via Paypal. Refund will take place via Paypal within one month after departure less any repairs or costs due to damage caused by the tenant during his stay.

7. Changing a Booking:

If the tenant wishes to make a change to their arrival or departure date after the Booking confirmation has been issued, this is only possible subject to availability and payment of an administration fee of £30.00.

8. Cancellation:

In the case that you wish to or need to cancel your booking you must email as soon as possible.

Cancellation charges

Days until arrival Refund
56+ days 50% of booking deposit
0 – 56 days No refund

In case of cancellation by the landlord, all paid sums will be refunded.

The landlord will not be liable for any contingent cancellation by the tenant (transport strike, airport closure, etc.).

It is recommended to take out a holiday insurance which covers cancellation.

9. Handover inspection and use of the property:

A handover inspection and an inventory of the property will take place on arrival and before departure.

The property is rented out furnished including kitchenware, crockery, cutlery, glassware and other objects as described in the inventory. If needs be, the landlord will be able to claim back from the tenant before his departure the cost of cleaning the property and/or the total cost of repairing or replacing any objects or equipment that may have been broken or deteriorated during his stay.

The tenant agrees to occupy the property himself along with his family, to take care of it with the degree of care and caution required and to return it as it was on his arrival. All the appliances are in good working order and any complaints made more than 24 hours after arrival will not be accepted. Repairs required because of negligence by the tenant during his stay will be charged to the tenant.

The tenant agrees to use the property in such a way as not to disturb the neighbourhood (smells, smoke, noise). Any noise after 10pm may incur a complaint to the police. NB: the property is situated next door to the police station

10. Insurance:

The landlord will insure the property against any risks related to commercial lets (fire, water damage, etc.). The tenant must inform the landlord within 24 hours of any incident or accident which may happen in the property.

11. General Information:

A survey on the energy performance of the property has been carried out and a copy of the report can be made available to any tenant on request.

A report on any natural or industrial risks to which the property may be prone has been established and a copy can be made available to any tenant on request.

A survey on asbestos and lead has been carried out and a copy of the report can be made available to any tenant on request. Any trace of asbestos or lead was removed during the complete renovation carried out on the house.

12. Right to visit:

The tenant will allow the landlord or his representative to visit the property should the need arise.

13. Complaints

On arrival, should you find any fundamental discrepancy between the description provided on the website and the property itself, or that any of the amenities listed in the property description are damaged or broken, or if you have any other cause for concern (e.g. issues of safety) please bring it to the Owner’s attention immediately so they can resolve the problem and to confirm that any damages were caused by previous tenants, not you.

If you are unable to contact the Owner or his representative.  You must give the Owner the opportunity to try to resolve any problems or complaints you may have whilst you are at the property. Any refusal of this or of reasonable rectification may prejudice your rights to compensation. The owners may need time to make arrangements.

Owners/keyholders/repair people must be given access to the property if you have a problem. We reserve the right to contact the Owner or housekeeper at any time during this process, and you must agree to meet with the Owner/housekeeper directly to discuss the problem.  All complaints must be made to the Owner in writing.  Complaints received at the end of the holiday will be processed, but there is no guarantee that your complaint will be upheld if there has been no attempt by you to try and resolve the issues whilst you were at the property.

If the problem was not resolved to your reasonable satisfaction during your holiday, you should put your comments in writing to us within 7 days of your return. We will forward your written complaint to the Owner and will, within reason, liaise with the Owner to assist in reaching a satisfactory settlement for all justifiable complaints regarding the property you may have.  However, it is your responsibility to take the complaint up with the Owner directly if no satisfactory settlement can be reached.

14. Jurisdiction:

These Booking Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts over any claim or matter arising in connection with these Booking Conditions. Under no circumstances shall the Owner’s liability to the Client exceed the amount paid to the Owner for the rental period.

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